Thursday, September 12, 2013

Home Tour

Welcome to Our Home!
My husband and I purchased our first home (this place) in 2006 just a month after we were married.  It's been painted a few colors and we've added some character to it with decor and our own personal touches.  Now that we've got it just how we like it...we are now leaving our first home. Sigh
It's cliche to say, but it's truly bittersweet. Although we are leaving, it's all due to good reason. We are preparing to build our forever home!
So, here is a tribute to our first home. A place where we came together as newly weds,  where we raised both of our sons and grew as a family.
Come on in...

                    Our "welcome" decal was purchased from

This is our mudroom/laundry room we enter from our garage. We enter our home here and most of our guests come in this way too.

 This door leads you back into the garage.
Then, you can head on down to our basement or into the hall that leads to our open living spaces.

This is the wall above our basement stairs.  My very first project that I completed with Pottery Barn shelves I just thought I had to have:-)  I've learned I can be just as happy with IKEA/Target decor and I can change out my decor more often. 

   Across from the picture wall is the door to our master bedroom.


 I had this mirror (from Arhaus) for years before I found the right place for it.

    My wall decals are both from

  Master bath - nothing fancy.
I was hoping to bring in a black and white vase, IKEA rug and stencil the floral printed paper with our initials.
  Here is our living space.
Faux mantle above our TV and console.
  Our kitchen space.

 I recently made the curtains above the kitchen sink to match our re-upholstered bar 
stools. You can see how we re-upholstered the chairs hereand I'll show more info on how I made my curtains soon.

Our Ranch style home
Dining - kitchen - living - work station.

Our kid's room.

Guest bath. is the toy room.

Welp, that's our first home.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful home Lauren! So excited for you guys as you build your forever home! :) I have no doubt it will be styled beautifully as you have an eye for decorating!

  2. Fantastic! Where did you get the drift wood that you have on the mantle?

  3. Thank you!
    The drift wood is from a pallet my husband pulled apart for me, then used his hand sander to make the pieces smooth.
    I recently spray painted them white to get the drift wood look.