Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cracker Barrel chairs makeover

The makeover is complete.  Presenting our front porch rocking chairs.

They were wiped down and taped off for a herringbone pattern. Then I gave them a simple spray of
2 coats of Krylon semi-gloss white spray paint. 

As for the herringbone pattern, I winged it. I looked at many different tutorials on Pinterest to give me a good idea of what I wanted my end result to be. 

herringbone pattern...

1. First, I used regular masking tape and cut a strip in half to make 2 thin pieces. 

2. Second, I place those pieces vertically, and spaced evenly apart on the back of the chairs.  I actually counted the threads and put each piece 10 threads from the sides. 

3. That left me with 3 wide columns. 

4. I began with the middle and taped one piece diagonal, then the next piece I placed in the right column going the opposite direction. 

I repeated this over and over, then filled in the left side. The goal is to not make a v otherwise it will be in the chevron pattern. You want to place the tape right above the end of each diagonal piece of tape.

My method is by far not perfect.. you can tell from the pictures. However, I'm in love with the new look these chairs are showing off! 

Thanks for stopping by!