Thursday, June 1, 2017

Summer Living Room Tour

Welcome to our Summer Living Room.

I'm sticking to a theme lately -neutral- all neutral.
Our living room is just that.

Light, neutral colors to make everyone feel at ease in our most used space.

I'm going to do less talking and more sharing in this post.
So please feel free to scroll along and enjoy!

I did find a new rug that we ALL love!
It's the olga rug from Wayfair!
Great price too.

I also added some new pillows from Target & TJMaxx.

Oh and I now get to have fun with new signs from Sincerely US shop, so you'll see some of those floating in and out of the rooms of our home now!

It definitely feels a bit like summer in here and I hope it gives off welcoming and relaxing vibes to our guests and my little family.

Hope you enjoyed our living room summer tour!


Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Evening Shadow
Console Table: World Market
Rug: Wayfair
Sectional sofa: Havertys
Love Seat: Havertys
Wingback chair: IKEA
Side tables : Target
Lumbar pillow: Target
Cream pillow: Target
Black white couch pillow: Target
Cream Pom Pom pillow: Target
Chair Pillow: White fringe- TJMaxx
Let's Stay Home Sign: Sincerely US Shop
Gold Antlers: Target
Basket: Target
Console Table Pillows: IKEA
Floor Lamp: Target
Table Lamp: Target
Mirror: HomeGoods
Mirror Tray: Magnolia Homes

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Happy Saturday!

I am continuing my journey to get a little more personal on the blog and sharing my favorites, what happened in our week, and a few items I found or bought this week that I love.  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

My like and links for this week...
1. Black accents for the bedroom. I found this photo on Pinterest and the colors & textures are what I'm looking for to finish up the final details of our master bedroom. If you follow me on Instagram you saw that the Be Still My Soul prints are finished and we are getting even closer to being finished!

2. The next project on the list is getting photos up on the walls upstairs. We have a lot of blank walls up there, so it's time to fill them up. Here are a couple ideas I'm looking at.

3. I follow Mint Arrow's blog and Insta. She always shares the latest deals, like right now Anthropologie has some sales going on in their bedding section.  She's a good one to follow!

4. I had fun joining Callen's class this week for their Valentine's party.

I volunteered for Blake's Kindergarten class parties when he was just starting out, so now it's Callen's turn. We played Pin the Kiss and Musical Hearts. From what I saw it looked like the kiddos had a blast!

Here are my boy's Valentine boxes for this year.  
Just something simple this year, but it put a smile on their faces.

That was our week.
Now my hubby and I are getting ready to head out for a night on the town with no kids.
I think a movie, dinner at Cooper's Hawk Winery and a stroll through Anthro are on the docket!

Thanks for stopping by..

Friday, February 10, 2017

my likes and links....

We are about a week away from Valentine's Day!
Found this picture of our first home. 
This is how I decorated, what I called our faux mantle for Valentine's Day.

I have boys, so they don't say much about this holiday because let's face it there is a lot pink and red involved. However, they do get excited about their classroom parties.
Blake & Callen chose Lego Batman Valentine's, mainly because the movie comes out this weekend.

It just so happens I follow the sisters at Lolly Jane and they came up with these free printables.

I'm in charge of games for Callen's kindergarten class. 
We are going to play Musical Hearts & Pin the Kiss!

For the first game the kids will dance until the music stops and they have to find a heart to land on. I'm making candy hearts with V-day sayings on them out of construction paper. 

This is our Cally bear!

Callen is always game to help on a crafting project, so we'll do that one together. 
We played musical hearts in Blake's kindergarten class and it was a big hit!

Here is a glimpse of Pin the Kiss..very cute! 

With permission I would like to blow up pictures of the Kindergarten teachers and principal and have the kids blindfolded to pin their kiss!

Speaking of Mr. Callen..

He has always been my picky eater. We found out he has not been eating his lunch at ALL.  If he ate anything it was a cookie.
So, we are now packing his lunches. He and I both love this container from Lunch Bots which makes lunch time fun and they are easy to pack.

Ok things I like for the week....

I bought these prints for our bedroom!

And this...

I have a crush on this mama. She has three girls so I feel like I can relate to her since I have three boys. 

Oh, you gotta see her lovely home. 

She has a great post on how to create a "Gallery Wall"
Love this post she wrote to her followers. Her insta @jlgarvin

The cutest dorm room. Seriously, it's a dorm room!

My iTunes playlist

- Play That Song - Train
- Hand Clap - Fitz and the Tantrums
- Pete's Dragon Soundtrack (for Nash)

And last but not least, here are some Mama's I follow on Insta ..

Sara Parsons

House Seven

Michelle Janeen

Brittany York

Amy Lou Hawthorne

Hope you have a great weekend!


Our Home on Apartment Therapy

We were featured on Apartment Therapy last week. Woo Hoo! 
I've been following Apartment Therapy for awhile, so it was very cool to see our home on their website!

I was encouraged to submit photos of our home and we were contacted a week later. You can see more here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 3, 2017

my likes and links...

We had a lot on our calendar for the week with the kid's activities. However, Nash decided to add to it with a slip and fall in the bath that required stitches. No fun at all, but he's on the mend!

Jason and I are trying to finish up the master bedroom.

We need to tackle the walls. He's in charge of switching the TV to another wall and helping me get a large mirror up. As soon as things slow down again, we'll be tackling that project.

Here is the original mood board I drew up for the bedroom.

And a progress pic...

I moved our rug from the dining up to our master. 
"Shopped the House" really...and put some other items in here to freshen it up.

Here are some items on my wish list for the master.

This ladder is really cute.

I've been gushing on this statement piece for awhile now. (It's called a juju hat)

A contemporary mirror from here.

I'm thinking this would look great above the bed or in our master gallery wall. Oh and this large print would look cute in a "W" in our gallery wall.

I'm crushing on this open concept living room & kitchen put together by Studio McGee.

I'm really looking forward to a girls weekend this month. So, I purchased a couple pieces to try out for our GNO!  You can see them here and here. Woot Woot!  It's a big deal! We all have kids under double digits and we rarely see each other.  Can't wait!

Well, that's all.😊

If you made it this far...
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Our Wall Color

One of the questions I get most often is what color paint is on your walls?

We used //Sherwin Williams Evening Shadow//
on all of the walls of our house, except a few - the nursery and two of our bathrooms. 
In those rooms, we painted the walls white.

We absolutely love this paint color. 
When we were making the choice it was difficult. There were no cabinets, trim, doors..nothing. So, we just had to agree on a color and go with it. 

Our builder told us he usually went with Sherwin Williams as his paint source.
 So, we packed up the kids went to the paint store and brought home almost every gray color sample we could fit in my purse. 

The paint was up in no time! Oh and our builder's wife along with a helper painted our entire house and did a great job. It was definitely the way to go!

I remember the first time I saw the color I thought.."Oh my goodness I made a mistake, it looks blue." 

And my husband agreed this paint color did look blue at first glance.  
Especially while we were there at 3:00 in the afternoon when the sun was glaring through the windows and you have no trim, doors, cabinets, or furniture up against it.  

Later that evening, my husband said lets go look at it again. It'll be fine. He was totally right. It was fine and now I love it! 

So, if you're in the market for a lighter shade of gray that goes with everything
Sherwin Williams Evening Shadow is your go to color!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Basics for Fall

Happy 1st day of FALL!

So Abby, my sister asked if I would decorate her home. I said Ha Ha. Sure!
Then, a week later she said, "I wasn't joking will you please decorate my home?"  
Umm yea..I'd love to!

I chose these basic pieces with my sister in mind. 
These decor items also happen to be my favorites this fall!

I'm loving everything neutral, earth tones, mixed in with some metallics this season.
And...gimme all the white pumpkins!  
All items are listed and linked below.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

a letter to my kiddos...

blake, called and nash

I just want you to know... ||we had the best summer ever!!||

Our summer was full of lazy days, pool days, dance parties, library days, park days & movie days.

Daddy coached your tball team.
So, we had t-ball games on some nights and you played with your friends.
You all three had a blast every single night.

We ended our summer with our first family of five vacation.
At the beach in Destin, FL.

This summer...

It was the first summer in our new home.
It was also the first time I was at peace with being your stay at home momma.
I was able to stay home and take care of you, instead of working outside of our home.

That means every single day you could sleep in.

That mean every single day you could watch cartoons.
That means every single day you could stay in your underwear
all day if you wanted too.
 Uh-hum Callen & Nash.

You played outside, inside, in the basement and were freeeee.
You all three have the biggest imaginations and you used them
up to the tippy top.

Blake you were the leader.

Callen you were the agreeer

and Nash you were the little follower.

 No worries.
I'll tell the truth.
You t o t a l l y fought too.
Sometimes I felt like all day.

Columbus, IN Donner Pool.

But I love you.
I love you all so much.

I love that most days it was just us four.

We shared laughs and jokes and we bonded.

We had picnic lunches around the coffee table and we didn't tell dad.
One day we ate a late breakfast, so we had ice cream for lunch. Yippee!

B L A K are 8.
You love to swim and could go to the pool every single day.

You learned how to ride your bike
without training wheels B-

Way to go!

You love to build legos, draw, listen to music
and you really are at peace when all of us are together.

You've grown so much over the summer.
You told me you wished all your friends lived right by our house,
so that you could play with them every single day.

You really enjoy your friends right now.

Your eighth birthday was this summer

You had your first friend party and sleepover.
You invited Brody, Neil, Scout, and Ethan and
you invited Charile too, so that Callen had a buddy. <<<All your idea.

You worry about your little brothers, but you also help me with them so much.
You are a caring little dude.

I love you dearly Blake Ryan.


you're not my toddler or preschooler anymore.
You are 5!

You have this big ole personality

and it shows through that big smile
you flash around.

You're definitely a little lover.

You have some spunk in you though too.
This summer you you became independent.

You conquered the slide and like Blake...
you could go to the pool every day.

On vacation you were entertained with the waves and loved everything about the beach.
When we got home, you said "can we please go to the beach today." Oh Cally I wish.

Our thing is you tell me your
gonna live at the beach and I can move in
with you when you get big.

 You love a good movie, your iPad games and playing with Blake the most.

You and Blake play superheroes, dragons, police, firefighters & you love anything /make believe/.

You did magic tricks for your preschool graduation in May.
You wore your magician hat, cape and used your magic wand to make your bunny disappear.
You love to tell big stories.
You love having at least your shirt off, but prefer to be in your undies.

You also love to hug, share with your brothers and
tell everyone you know how much you care for them.

You can say the darndest things Cal.
And love to laugh!!

Callen, you melt our hearts like no other and
we love how you are not to shy to
sincerely say I love you.

I Love you too Cally.

N A S H  H A Y E S you are our baby for sure.

We all let you get away with so much. Oh my our little monster.
You wake up with so much energy.

You went from walking to running early on.
You run everywhere with no fear. You love your tractors,
 trucks and your buddy Mickey Mouse.

Your newest thing love books!

You have the biggest appetite.
In your baby days you were eating avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes all prepared by mom. Now you're eating cheeseburgers, chicken fingers, banana pancakes, cottage cheese, scrambled name it. You love your food.

You love to follow daddy outside for hours.

Here you are trying out the waves for the first time.
You didn't want anyone holding you.

You especially love when daddy takes you on the mower.

You chase those awesome big brothers of yours around too.

You were right there with us at
all the tball games.
And of wanted to play too.

This summer you could actually enjoy the pool.
We found some pools with zero depth entry and
splash pads that you could really enjoy!

This was your first beach vacation Nash!

First time touching the sand,

seeing the ocean and you loved it all!

You love when we turn on music.
Your little body just can't help but start moving to the tunes.
You say da, mom, dake for Blake, milk, dink, night night,
hi, bye and learning more each day now.

You are almost two and now it's just me and you.

I'm a little boring right now, since I'm rehabbing from acl surgery,
but you don't mind a bit.

We do everything together. I love you Nashy.

So.. sweet boys of mine.
Thank you for the best summer ever ...and I can't wait to do it again.

Love you to the moon and back.