Saturday, December 29, 2012

DIY Reupholstered Chairs

It's been snowing here in Indiana and so we have been forced to stay at home and play or shall I say cross off some things on our To Do List. 

The first project we tackled was a much needed update to our bar stool chairs.  We bought them from Target when we moved in our house (2006).  They held up great until our first pee-wee came along and helped us make every part of our house more of our home :-).

Let's take a look at our brand new chairs.  Just $20 for their new look!

I purchased new fabric from it's called Premier Prints Gotcha Twill Storm at 7.48 a yard. I bought 2 yards just to be safe. Did I mention this is the third fabric I've ordered and finally I fell in love with one. I could have used just 1 yard.  However, I'm thinking the extra fabric may come in handy since my little ones are both under the age of four. A lot of little spills coming my way yet! 

Here's what we began with, and remember... I've had these for 6 years and they have went through some heavy wear and tear from two boys under the age of four. 

Check it out...Eww - gross! Right?

It's was easy peasy to change out the fabric.  We (pictured -Callen my demonstrator) took out all the screws first and saw that we could easily just put our new fabric over the old.

Then, we cut out a piece of fabric that gave us well over an inch to work with from each side. We used a staple gun to staple the fabric to the bottom of the chair.  My husband stretched the fabric tight, while I stapled away.  
I stapled the sides first, then we moved our way around to the front and onto the back.  The corners took a little more elbow grease, as you have to fold the fabric over top to make sure you leave no creases.  It was very easy and took 5 minutes per chair, but there were two of us tackling this project. Thanks to my hubby.
One last look at our new chairs! 

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