Friday, September 13, 2013

Student of the Month Poster

Hi there!

I recently tackled a fun project for my 2 year old.  Each month our daycare chooses a child to be featured as "student of the month"! 
Here's my guy!

The daycare provides you with a poster and gives you a few ideas to list your child's favorite foods, toys and of course some cute pictures of your kiddo.

I was so excited, because I had a project to do! (I'm rehabbing from ACL surgery- bored out of my mind!) 
Woo Hoo! I could doodle with fun colors, have an excuse to get on Pinterest and brag on my kiddo.

Oh and I love how cute these cute kids are called the "student of the month" in daycare. Mine ate it up!

I really coudn't find much on Pinterest for this project.  Shelley at House of Smiths did a poster for her kids a few years ago that I found through a google search.  It was really cute..of course, but in my head I had and idea of using the chalkboard stats with pictures for this project.

Kinda like this..

I found a great tutorial here.
However, my supplies were limited since I gave myself a day to complete it.

My materials:
- black poster board
- Crayola's new dry erase crayons or you can use white chalk
-pictures printed off at CVS in and hour
-glue stick

I layed out the pictures I wanted to use and gave myself a few designated areas for the info.

I then went back to my inspiration picture and chose the four areas I would like to cover.
-things I love
-I want to be a >>> when I grow up
-age & Class of 2029 my fave:-))

Then I began doodling away - keeping my inspiration pic close by.
I'm very happy with how it turned out and so was my student of the month!
 Love this little guy of mine!

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