Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kitchens for our new home

It's becoming so real.

We're really building our new home - our forever home?!?
I need to pinch myself daily, because I still can't believe it. Feeling so blessed, just looking at all the NEW this and that.

Anyways, we have the house plans - the land, and now it's time to fill it up.
We've been to a local kitchen designer, Home Depot, a local hardware store and we've looked at a ton of cabinets, counter tops, flooring - you name it.

We're really trying to nail down our kitchen right now.
I posted this on Instagram this week before our first kitchen meeting.
My inspiration pic.

I think I've finally got my husband convinced the white  perimeter cabinets with a gray island is the way to go.

My fingers are crossed still, because he still is leaning towards the basics. But.. I think I got this. His argument is that the white cabinets are all painted and may chip, which is a very good point. However, I know they've come along way with these painted cabinets. I'm keeping my options open and still doing research.

Here's what I've got my eye on. (all from my Pinterest board)

Again, I think the gray and white are definitely making the cut.

via Houzz
                                                                 via Houzz

We'll see what we end up with!!

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