Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lemon and Lime

Last year when our oldest began Kindergarten I could not wait for him to get home each day! I wanted to know everything he did. 

Who he played with..
Who he sat by at lunch.
Which subject was his favorite..
Did he like the school lunch ..

The first couple of weeks I'd ask him over and over..."How was your day?"
All I got back was, "I don't know" or "I don't remember mom"!

So I brainstormed. Then, one night while watching the Kardashians...ha ha yes I found a positive from watching this show! Anyways, I noticed on the show their family members went around the table and asked the good part of their day and the bad. So I thought that's it!  

We need to ask everyone at dinner the good and and not so good of their day. It came to me..
What is your Lemon - What is your Lime?!?

Now, almost every night after we pray my boys love to share their "Lemon" and "Lime" for the day. If I forget to ask they make a point to say, "Hey we forgot to tell our Lemon and Lime"!

I get to hear all about their days! We get to relish in the great moments and try to solve the problems if need be with those awful "lime" stories:-)

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