Thursday, September 17, 2015

Building Our Home (8) We have Flooring!

The tile and laminate flooring were complete this past week!

Lots of pictures are included in this post. Be prepared! 

The living, kitchen, dining and entryway areas are covered with a laminate hardwood.







We were a tad bit excited when we got to see the entire downstairs living and kitchen spaces covered! This called for a family play date.. all my boys are playing here. (that's a bb gun dad has here :-))

The mudroom is covered in a black tile with charcoal gray grout.  We requested the tile to be laid in a herringbone pattern. The result did not disappoint!


mudroom to kitchen

Then the downstairs 1/2 bathroom and boys upstairs bathroom were covered in a black hexagon tile with charcoal gray grout as well. My favorite!

1/2 bath

boys bath

entryway to 1/2 bath

I always have helpers when I come to take progress pictures!
entryway to 1/2 bath

The laundry room is covered in the same black tile as the mudroom. We've cleaned the floors over and over but as long as we have workers in there, dirty floors are just part of the building process. 


Finally, our master bath is covered in a white hexagon tile with a cloud colored grout. This grout color is quite a few notches lighter than the charcoal grout, but it's not white either.  I'm already loving the fresh, clean look in here. I told Jason last night..."I seriously get to live here?!? And I get to wake up to this everyday! I'm feeling beyond blessed!"
master bath

master bath

We're so happy with everything. Our research (aka my Pinterest pinning) and many trips to look at all the flooring options paid off!

The rooms not included are all waiting on carpet. We just set a new date for the carpet to arrive on October 9th. It's the last thing our builder wants to be put in here, so hoping not to change that date again.

We get our appliances this weekend. At this point we're just checking things off the list to get moved in here soon. So, since the carpet date was set a 'Move In' date was finally thrown out there..looking at October 10th right after that carpet is laid!

Keeping our fingers crossed!

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