Saturday, February 2, 2013

A little paint - goes a long way

Its Super bowl weekend - I'm excited to make my yummy appetizers, check out the commercials and see Beyoncé’s half-time show.  Oh and I hope there is a good story about the Harbaugh brothers. Ha...I know I didn't mention much about the actual game, but no worries my hubby will take care of that.

Anyways, so I've been slacking on showing the inside of my home and today is the first of many posts to come.  I'm in love with the new color on my walls -"porpoise" by Behr. It now covers our entire living area.

The first area I tackled after the paint was done, was the "TV console area" with shelf,
that I use as my "faux mantle".

You can see we used to have spring green on the walls, and 
this is what my "faux mantle" used to look like 

The shelf is from pottery barn and it took a long time for me to agree to paint it white.  Pottery Barn's shelves come in black, espress or cream - so I didn't have the choice of getting white. 

Now that the newness of the shelf has worn off and I simply wanted white - I just did it!

On both the TV console(from Target) and shelf we used a few coats of primer (Kilz-oil based) and Krylon- white flat paint. I now have white furniture. (I really was ecstatic over this small change!)

Just by painting the walls and the existing pieces we had - it changed this space.

Here is my Faux Mantle one more time.


  1. Looks great! I love white furniture and your pieces look awesome with the gray walls!

  2. Thanks Erin!
    Yay..I have a follower:-)