Tuesday, August 9, 2016

a letter to my kiddos...

blake, called and nash

I just want you to know... ||we had the best summer ever!!||

Our summer was full of lazy days, pool days, dance parties, library days, park days & movie days.

Daddy coached your tball team.
So, we had t-ball games on some nights and you played with your friends.
You all three had a blast every single night.

We ended our summer with our first family of five vacation.
At the beach in Destin, FL.

This summer...

It was the first summer in our new home.
It was also the first time I was at peace with being your stay at home momma.
I was able to stay home and take care of you, instead of working outside of our home.

That means every single day you could sleep in.

That mean every single day you could watch cartoons.
That means every single day you could stay in your underwear
all day if you wanted too.
 Uh-hum Callen & Nash.

You played outside, inside, in the basement and were freeeee.
You all three have the biggest imaginations and you used them
up to the tippy top.

Blake you were the leader.

Callen you were the agreeer

and Nash you were the little follower.

 No worries.
I'll tell the truth.
You t o t a l l y fought too.
Sometimes I felt like all day.

Columbus, IN Donner Pool.

But I love you.
I love you all so much.

I love that most days it was just us four.

We shared laughs and jokes and we bonded.

We had picnic lunches around the coffee table and we didn't tell dad.
One day we ate a late breakfast, so we had ice cream for lunch. Yippee!

B L A K E...you are 8.
You love to swim and could go to the pool every single day.

You learned how to ride your bike
without training wheels B-

Way to go!

You love to build legos, draw, listen to music
and you really are at peace when all of us are together.

You've grown so much over the summer.
You told me you wished all your friends lived right by our house,
so that you could play with them every single day.

You really enjoy your friends right now.

Your eighth birthday was this summer

You had your first friend party and sleepover.
You invited Brody, Neil, Scout, and Ethan and
you invited Charile too, so that Callen had a buddy. <<<All your idea.

You worry about your little brothers, but you also help me with them so much.
You are a caring little dude.

I love you dearly Blake Ryan.


you're not my toddler or preschooler anymore.
You are 5!

You have this big ole personality

and it shows through that big smile
you flash around.

You're definitely a little lover.

You have some spunk in you though too.
This summer you you became independent.

You conquered the slide and like Blake...
you could go to the pool every day.

On vacation you were entertained with the waves and loved everything about the beach.
When we got home, you said "can we please go to the beach today." Oh Cally I wish.

Our thing is you tell me your
gonna live at the beach and I can move in
with you when you get big.

 You love a good movie, your iPad games and playing with Blake the most.

You and Blake play superheroes, dragons, police, firefighters & you love anything /make believe/.

You did magic tricks for your preschool graduation in May.
You wore your magician hat, cape and used your magic wand to make your bunny disappear.
You love to tell big stories.
You love having at least your shirt off, but prefer to be in your undies.

You also love to hug, share with your brothers and
tell everyone you know how much you care for them.

You can say the darndest things Cal.
And love to laugh!!

Callen, you melt our hearts like no other and
we love how you are not to shy to
sincerely say I love you.

I Love you too Cally.

N A S H  H A Y E S you are our baby for sure.

We all let you get away with so much. Oh my our little monster.
You wake up with so much energy.

You went from walking to running early on.
You run everywhere with no fear. You love your tractors,
 trucks and your buddy Mickey Mouse.

Your newest thing is..you love books!

You have the biggest appetite.
In your baby days you were eating avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes all prepared by mom. Now you're eating cheeseburgers, chicken fingers, banana pancakes, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs..you name it. You love your food.

You love to follow daddy outside for hours.

Here you are trying out the waves for the first time.
You didn't want anyone holding you.

You especially love when daddy takes you on the mower.

You chase those awesome big brothers of yours around too.

You were right there with us at
all the tball games.
And of course..you wanted to play too.

This summer you could actually enjoy the pool.
We found some pools with zero depth entry and
splash pads that you could really enjoy!

This was your first beach vacation Nash!

First time touching the sand,

seeing the ocean and you loved it all!

You love when we turn on music.
Your little body just can't help but start moving to the tunes.
You say da, mom, dake for Blake, milk, dink, night night,
hi, bye and learning more each day now.

You are almost two and now it's just me and you.

I'm a little boring right now, since I'm rehabbing from acl surgery,
but you don't mind a bit.

We do everything together. I love you Nashy.

So.. sweet boys of mine.
Thank you for the best summer ever ...and I can't wait to do it again.

Love you to the moon and back.

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