Friday, June 26, 2015

Building Our Home (4) - Custom Gables & Cabinets

We have progress!! 

Also, this last house picture shows the custom gables that our builder made on the spot. Loving it!

Today we are meeting with a relative of mine, who will be making all of our bathroom vanities. 

Half bath

Boys Bath

The top 2 are both Pottery Barn and this last one is a Pinterest find.

We are also in the process of picking out our shower and bathtub/shower units. We are so excited!


  1. Beautiful! So lucky to have a talented relative like that. :) So cool that the boys are getting to experience all of this with you. I still remember all those fun moments from mom & dad building when we were kids.

  2. Thank you Erin!
    Yes, I hope our boys can look back and reminisce with us one day!