Monday, January 5, 2015

Now onto **2015**

Hello & Happy New Year!!!

We accomplished so many things in 2014 and we feel blessed & so very thankful!

First being..I quit my full-time job to stay at home with our boys and work from home.
We Sold our 1st Home and brought our third child into the world
baby Nash Hayes.

I jumped into the fun world of Jamberry Nails to add to my list of To Do's and keep it girly around here :-)

Then, we moved back to our hometown and into a rental home on Thanksgiving Day.  Everything was unpacked and we felt settled just in time for Christmas!

Now onto **2015**

We plan to begin the building process this year and I hope to bring updates right here as we move forward. We are filled with excitement to get this party started!


  1. Yay for you guys! It's weird driving by your old home on my way to work and not see Jason's truck parked out front. Hope the holidays treated you well! Baby Nash is getting so big already. :)

    1. Hi Erin! It is weird for us too. We're still always over that way needing something from Kroger. Just can't break that habit :-) Holidays were great and hope the same for you! Thanks for stopping by to say Hi!