Wednesday, April 3, 2013

iPhone style pretty

Are you wanting to give your iPhone some flare or just your own personal touch? You know like the pretty iPhone screens you've seen on Pinterest! Here's a quick and very basic step by step tutorial.

1. Go to the app store and download "cocoppa (japan)". It's FREE

2. Sign up for a free account

3. Click on an icon you like or scroll all the way down to the bottom and type in the search box for what you're looking for.

(You may not find everything. For example I found one shutterfly icon, and if you get lost hit "top" - that's like their back button.)

4. Click on the icon you like then select Setup link.

5. Then select "app search" to find your original icon. You'll see the basics like phone, messages, etc. are on that screen.

6. Select "Add to home screen"and you now have a "happy" icon.

For the original tutorial - Check out Georgia's site and follow her step by step instructions.

P.S. this is very time consuming, it took me 2 nap times to get it all done. I do suggest you make a folder on your last screen of your iphone labeled "originals".

Note- not all icons work properly or at the touch of a button, but they're darn pretty.

Have fun and here's a look at what my happy phone looks like!

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